Figma Hakurei Reimu & Nendoroid Marisa Kirisame


We now take a closer look on Figma Hakurei Reimu & Nedoroid Marisa Kirisame of the famous “Carpet Bombing” game “Touhou”.

To start our sneak peak, we have the famous shrine maiden of the title, Hakurei Reimu.


As we all know, the Nendoroid version of Hakurei Reimu was sold in the previously concluded Comiket. This time around however, the FIGMA version will not be an event exclusive and pre-orders are up on some of the online shops.


Hakurei Reimu will be released coming this January of 2010 with a retail price of 2,800 JPY. Next up is Marisa Kirisame’s Nendoroid version


Hakurei Reimu is no longer alone as she is joined by Marisa Kirisame, one of the famous characters of Touhou. Marisa has a good array of additional items aside from the cuteness she displays while in chibi form.



Afternoon tea for Reimu will never be the same again as she is joined by Marisa from here on.


The said two items are not ‘limited edition’ per say, they will only be available via pre-order on these Japan-only Online Stores: Animate, Gamers, Tora no Ana, and NicoNico Chokuhan tomorrow.

More details by visiting Mika-tan’s site and the FIGMA Blog.


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