Komikon 2009 & Goodies


Komikon 2009 is to be held this week at SM Megatrade Hall 1 . Here are some of the expected items and events that will occur during the said event.

Komikon 2009 will be different this year since from what everyone knows, the said event is held at UP Bahay ng Alumi in Quezon City but apparently this time they were able to get their hands on SM Megatrade Hall 1. Now aside from that, Komikon is an event wherein filipino comic artist and enthusiasts gather to share and enjoy the time strictly for the Philippine comic industry. As for the comics that will be made available during the event, one of the main highlights or rather attraction this year are:



That right folks! Elmer Damaso’s masterpiece is back as “Cat’s Trail Spotlight” and “Cat’s Trail Rewind”. Now, fans of Culture Crash Comics, ( Culture Crash Comics aka CCC – a comic magazine that was the greatest manga/anime styled magazine that was ever released in the Philippine comic market. ) might say that this release has the same content as to what was published on CCCom but apparently as what the artist had stated on his blog. The content of the said two items will be different.

Here are the specs of the incoming title and it’s retail price.

-5.5″ x 8.5″ (half letter sized)
-24 pages of comics + a few pages extras (white newsprint paper)
-B&W screen-toned cover and back cover
-B&W non-toned interior pages
-P50 SRP

-Cat’s Trail Rewind is a “modern” re-telling of the original Cat’s Trail serialized in Culture Crash comics. It will have both similarities and differences to the original. (Please do not ask why “X” is different from the ones you used to read, treat it as something new) Characters have been upgraded, some details have been changed, but it is essentially the same story.

-CTR is NOT a compilation of the old CC series.

-4.1″ X 6.75″ perfect bind book format
-138 pages total (white newsprint paper)
-64+ original illustrations inside
-B&W screen-toned cover and back cover
-P80 SRP

-Cat’s Trail Spotlight is a short novel with illustrations. It is NOT a comicbook. It is NOT a compilation of stories in comicbook format. The illustrations are all 100% new and have never been presented before in any format.

-The stories in CTS are supplements to the main storyline happening in CTR. In the first book, “Batang Airee at Polaris”, you get to read about the roots of the 2 main protagonists of Cat’s Trail.

More details by dropping by the site of the artist “IQ40 but more known as Mr. Elmer Damaso”.


Next are the other titles that will come out during the event.

– WHERE BOLD STARS GO TO DIE Written by Gerry Alanguilan, Illustrated by Arlanzandro C. Esmeña
– UNDERPASS featuring Sim by Gerry Alanguilan
– Judas Kiss by David Hontiveros, Budjette Tan and Oliver Pulumbarit,
– Katumbas by David Hontiveros and Ian Sta. Maria
– The Clinic by Budjette Tan and Ka-jo Baldisimo.
– THE FIRST ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF PHILIPPINE KOMIKS and CARTOONS by John A. Lent, Published by Yonzon Associates
– Francisco V. Coching’s EL INDIO
– KOMIKERO COMICS #3 Created and Published by the Komikero Artists Group
– TRESE 3 Mass Murders by Budjette Tan and Ka-jo Baldisimo
– Manix Abrera’s “12″
– Lyndon Gregorio’s “Go Beerkada Rise of the Jhologs”
– Bayan Knights issue 3


And last but not the least is the Event Schedule which everyone is reluctant to obtain.

~~~~~~~~~ Event Schedule ~~~~~~~~~~

October 18, Sunday
Entrance: P80.00(free entrance for kids 4 feet below)

10:00 AM Start program: Audio / Video play

11:00 AM Sponsor Time: CSB

12:00 PM Audio / Video play

12:30 PM Band: Bandang Shirley

1:00 PM Sponsor Time: Glasshouse Graphics

1:30 PM Awarding: Komiks Character of the Year
Awarding: Best Comic Scene
Awarding: Best Webcomic
Awarding: Grassroot Award
*Auction for a cause

2:00 PM Sponsor Time: Vibal Foundation (book launch)

2:30 PM Guest Q&A: Dencoy Miel & Edd Aragon

3:00 PM Band: Giniling Festival

3:30 PM Guest Q&A: John Lent

4:00 PM Sponsor Time: FHM / Summit Media

4:30 PM PICCA Announcements of contest winners

5:30 PM Awarding: Comics Aid Award
Awarding: Best Cover
Awarding: Best Cartoonist
Awarding: Comic Creator/s
*Auction for a cause

6:00 PM Guest Q&A: Budjette Tan & Kajo

6:30 PM Sponsor Time:Jack TV

7:00 PM Announcement of KOMIKON contest winners
*Auction for a cause
Awarding: Best Comic Strip Compilation
Awarding: Best Comic Magazine
Awarding: Best Comic Series
Awarding: Best Graphic Novel / Anthology

8:00 PM Band: Flush and the Toilettes

8:30 PM Audio / Video play


Registration for on the spot comic strip making contest: 10am – 1:00
On the spot comic strip making contest: 1:30 – 2:30pm

For more information, drop by Komikon’s DeviantArt Site:


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