Figma Ein & Di: Stage Add-ons


Fall is now officially here and with that came new goodies from GSC in the line of FIGMA. Presenting Figma Ein from Nitro+’s series “Phantom for the Requiem & some Di:Stage Add-ons known as “Clear Case”.


From Nitroplus’ 10th anniversary project, the anime version of ‘Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~’ comes a figma of the ultimate assassin, Ein – codenamed ‘Phantom’. She will retail come the first month of 2010 with a retail price of 2,500 Japanese Yen.

Moving along is the Di: Stage Add-on which is known as “Clear Case”. Collectors are always in a never ending quest for cases and shelves to store their precious items and keeping off the dust to prevent damaging their items.


Well, for the Figma enthusiasts and Di:Stage owners, now is your time of relief for the Clear Case add-on has arrived allowing you to use your Di:Stage/s to become the perfect housing of your collection.


More details by visiting GSC Product Catalog Site:
Figma : Ein
Di: Stage – Clear Case –


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