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Famous Mangaka Oh Great graces the Tekken 6 with a special outfit for Lili plus an interview with Tekken 6 GameDev for the PSP release, Metalgear Solid Peace Walker for Download, Assassins Creed 2 Bad News and Aion Server News. A week packed with awesome content is headed your way here on Digital Gaming News.


Lili is my Bride (Waifu) & T6 PSP GameDev Interview.


Namco didn’t stop with having Jin’s costume customized by CLAMP. The said gaming company even went further by having the famous mangaka artists Mamoru Nagano (worked on Five Star Stories) and Ito Ogure (famous for Tenjho Tenge & AirGear) create a special costume for Anna Williams, Asuka Kazama which is done by Nagano and Oh Great for Lili. Anna’s costume reverts back to a customized Tekken3 lavish outfit of hers while Asuka Kazama battles out with style. However all of it went under the weather when Oh Great revealed his contribution. Instead of making Lili retain her slight goth theme, he went out of his way to renew and gave her the beauty of a bride. As shown on the photo above, Lili now has the most sultry costume on the this title. Regardless of what some feminine enthusiast of the game, Lili is one beautiful bride with a force to be reckon with.

On another note, Tekken 6 Game Developers for the PSP platform has a few message to convey regarding the upcoming release of the PSP version of Tekken 6.

Sample Battles:


Aion Servers is experiencing bottleneck

NCSoft’s newest online game Aion has received tons of thumbs up which led to it’s huge amount of player denizens since the day of it’s launch. Sad to say, due to the continuing demand and rise of the player population. Aion servers ends up getting full on the peak hours resulting to having the players wait for long periods of time just to log inside the game. NCSoft has already declared that they are already working on expanding the capacity of their servers and cater a better service for all those who are signed up on their game. Aion North America recently just opened and it is not limited to just North America citizens for the rest for the world is also on the current servers.


Assassins Creed 2 PC Version gets delayed

Much to the dismay of some Assassins Creed players, the said game is pushed back towards the first quarter of 2010 while the console version will go on sale come November 11th. According to Ubisoft who had made the said announcement via their twitter account, the main cause of the delay was because they wanted the PC version to be able to deliver what the players expect it to be even if it is for the PC.


MetalGear Solid: PeaceWalker Demo for Download

For those who can’t wait to get their hands on the newest MetalGear by Hideo Kojima, Here’s your chance to get your dibs by dropping by at and downloading your demo copy of the said game. Requirements however is that you need an Official Firmware and extracting the file “NPJH90063” unto the directory of PSP/Game folder of your Memory Stick.


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