Digital Gaming News 8

On the 8th entry of Digital Gaming News, A euro game retailer denies PSPgo on their house, Square-Enix gives out two surprises, a top guy in Microsoft under Xbox division goes buh-bye and Uncharted 2 gets tweetin.


Nedgame not to sell PSPgo

October is fast approaching and shops are starting to put their investments on Sony’s newest portable console known as PSPgo. Sadly one shop that goes by the name NedGame has decided not to put the said item up in their racks. Apparently, the shop justifies their action by pointing out PSPgo’s huge pitfalls such as it’s LCD size, lack of a UMD Drive and it’s price difference towards the PSP3000 which is €80 higher. Nedgame also mentioned its discomfort at Sony creating a monopoly on the software sold on PSPgo.

PSPgo is the newest portable gaming system of Sony which will hit the stores racks come the first week of October for US and Europe parts of the world. The said item has a 16GB built-in memory space and is extendable. The said item sadly does not have a UMD slot and requires users to download the games via the PSN Shop. The debate on that matter is still at hand as shop owners/retailers are in a huge pinch as they will not incur revenue for the games since it will require the owners of PSPgo to obtain and pay for their games directly to Sony.


Final Fantasy XIII introduces Serah Farron

One of the most highly anticipated games that Square-Enix is to publish gets more anticipation as they introduce a new character known as “Serah Farron” (セラ・ファ ロン,). According to various sources and Shonen Jump, Serah Farron plays the role of Lightning’s sister who has a relationship with Snow who later teams up with Lightning to save Serah during the entire course of the story. She also shares the same mark that Lightning has which is known as “l’Cie” though her mark resides on the left side. On an interesting note, Serah’s outfit seem to somewhat resemble the school uniform of the popular ero-game “Bible Black”. Anyhow, the addition of Serah as well as other characters which are yet to be named made this particular FF release receive a huge amount of anticipation in addition to what it already has.


Uncharted 2 gets Twitter functionality

You read that right! Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 2 has a twitter functionality in their release which has the capability to tweet your current progress in the said game. The said option is nice to hear but the downside of this will be a huge flood of Uncharted 2 on your twitter if you have a friend who plays it a lot. The option however can be turned off and i do wish people will turn it off so that they would not be bothered to read more nonsense items on their tweet list.


Star Ocean 4 hits the PS3

Despite the labeled “exclusivity” of the title “Star Ocean” on the Xbox. The said game will have it’s fourth installment on the PS3 and will leave Xbox360 for the flies. An information leak notes that “Star Ocean 4: The last Hope International” is scheduled for release come February of 2010 and is for the PS3. Square-Enix is definitely showing Microsoft that they are just following the trend and which is to release games on Sony’s console.


Shane Kim bids goodbye to Microsoft

Xbox Vice President for Strategy and business development Shane Kim is retiring after 19 years of service with Microsoft. Apparently Kim plans to make his exit by the end of the year as soon as the handing over of the position is complete. Kim was head of Microsoft Game Studios until last year, when he took the strategy job and Phil Spencer, the studio’s European manager, became studio boss.. With Kim’s leaving, Phil Spencer is being promoted from general manager to vice president. The Xbox group is also creating a new chief operating officer position that’s being filled by its current chief financial officer, Dennis Durkin. He’ll take on operating roles, handling things like pricing strategy, as well as business development such as forming new content partnerships. With his retirement nearing, Kim plans to make up for the lost time with his family and friends for he has already dedicated 2 decades worth of service to Microsoft.


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