Figma Nanoha & Vita


Figma Blog has finally updates their roster by adding Nanoha Nakamachi and Vita on their releases before the year ends.

We start with the ever so lovable loli heroine of Magical Lyrical Nanoha A’s , Nanoha Takamachi. This Nanoha in particular is the movie version. So a huge change on the facial such as eyes are definitely visible.


What’s also more intriguing about her is how she was presented this time around. Compared to the StrikerS version FIGMA of it, this release will definitely be worth the money you are spending.


Still armed with Raising Heart (Raging Heart in some TL subtitles), Nanoha will re-live the scenes she will do on the upcoming movie of the said anime which is due for screening by the end of the year or in the 1st quarter of 2010.


Don’t forget that the said movie will also receive a game release which will accompany the limited edition Nanoha Takamachi Figma in school uniform mode. Pre-Orders are up on your local online hobby/toy retail shops.


Next up is Vita of the same series. This pint size hammer wielder is a force to be reckon with during the tv series. She is also once again playing her same role in the upcoming movie together with Signum, Shamal and Hayate.


Much like the recently release Signum Figma. Vita also has a wide array of weapon modes at her disposal which will be available in her box.


Vita is also up for preorders now along with Nanoha above. A definitely must get item if you have Signum and Shamal in your Figma Roster.


Fate Testarossa will also be available by the end of the year. As a fan of the series, this figma line is a must and will definitely be adding these girls to my growing collection and so must you.



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