On Creative Blogging 2


Been a long time since i last posted. Figure update post will come within this week so check back from time to time for that. On topic, so it seems that this subject might become an ongoing title for me. Anyways, this time around we will talk about how to handle viewer replies especially the bad ones or what some may call “Bashers”.

So now that you’ve been able to establish a good communication level by having a distinct target of topics for your blog and started posting. You will eventually get the attention of certain people as you go on your own pace. These people will post their opinions on your articles in the form of “REPLY”. Among the replies, you will encounter praise from them while some it will either be mockery or insult. Now those individuals in the form of anonymous can be called “Bashers” or “Haters”. These kind of replies from those individuals pile up faster than those of the positive ones. So in the turn of events, you may lose your cool on them and start to rant or fight back and even start to put your blogs on private by creating up a huge wall such as only giving special invites to certain people to view your blog. Ranting or fighting them back in replies is the common scenario we see in these kind of situations. Looking in a journalistic perspective, such approach is very “childish”. Same goes as to creating the “WALL OF CHINA” which is so to speak since it will only mean that what those bashers have a good point in their replies.

So you ask how are you going to handle them given the fact that you are about to become a whistling kettle. For starters, never stoop down to their level. Bashers are part of the reality of blogging. We have different opinions and as a blogger, you should know how to accept them. Second is that you should know when to reply on such cases. There are some which are just flame baiting while others have a well established point of view. Never reply on the flame bait. Just leave them alone and eventually they will become a mold that will self-destruct by themselves.

Now going back to the “Wall of China” thingy, instead of doing such, why not make the viewers register for a name instead of doing an “invitation only view mode”. That in place, you can identify which people should be blocked from your site but blocking is the last option you should take. Why? well apparently as much as these bashers are in a pain in the metal arse. They are also giving you hits. Lastly, if you need to address them in one of your articles then be tactful yet be reserved or conscious on your remarks or what you will write in that entry. They will try to find a weak spot so don’t show any. A slight sign of you faltering gives them the chance and win a sadistic glee.

In summary, what a blogger should have is the capability to understand and also expect replies of such in their articles. If bashers tend to build up more and more on your articles then check your articles for there might indeed be something that attracts these kind of people which you need to cancel out or refrain from touching it to a certain degree.


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