Chara Hobby '09


If you happen to miss WonFest and Tokyo Figure Show in the previous month then here’s your third chance to get a glimpse on the upcoming figures under Chara Hobby ’09.

Image above is Sheryl Nome of Macross Frontier in her most daring position ever. To combo that, a figure of Ranka Lee is also scheduled for a release but details regarding the said item are still in the wraps.


Now on with the goodies for this event. Let’s start with the FIGMA line by having Hakurei Reimu of Touhou and the ever so lovely Nanoha & Fate of the series Magical Lyrical Nanoha.



And here’s a more accurate information on how to obtain the Nanoha Figma in School Uniform. Fate on the other hand still has no accurate details. The image below states that in order to obtain Nanoha, enthusiasts will need to purchase the upcoming Nanoha game for the PSP. The game will be released coming January of 2010.


Up next on the articulated line-up is Alter’s Kosmos Ver.4, Virtua-ON mechs and last but not the least Gundam Unicorn with it’s upcoming Roboto-Damashii SHCM Release.



Chaining the mech line up is a Macross Battleship. Not sure if this is the one that was shown in the Macross Frontier series (not much of a fan of it).


Moving along, some entries for the figure line are Kosmos Ver.4 of XenoSaga game series, Vivio and Fate Testarossa of the Nanoha series.




Also in the event are the Nendoroids of Vocaloid line such as Megurine Luka, Hatsune Miku and the other characters of the said title plus Azusa of the anime series K-ON gets a Nendoroid version too.




Clearly enough, the figure companies will have the enthusiasts wallet in their grasp with the awesome line up they have for the months to come.


Images are courtesy of the following sites. You can visit them for more images of the said event.


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