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Today, we have goodies courtesy of the recently concluded BlizzCon ’09, Persona 3 goes to the PSP, PS3 Slim! and price cuts on Sony’s old Ps3, GuildWars 2 huge announcement, Tekken 6 PSP Video footage plus get a chance to own the game itself for free.

Persona 3 hits the Portable

World renowned title “Persona” will get a portable release on it’s old title “Persona 3”. Persona 3 originally was released in Sony PS2 and fans gave it a hands down appreciation to the said title. The first title “Persona” was ported already to the PSP and now the 3rd installment will follow come 1st November of 2009 (talk about nice day to release the game). The game ensures a brand new gameplay by introducing a new character to the roster.

PS3 Slim

I’ll let the video do the talking since it’s much better than me and this is courtesy of IGN. Price cuts on the fat PS3 is coming along the way with the release of PS3 Slim with price rance of 299 USD. Overall, since i am planning to purchase a PS3, i will get the slim seeing that it is much clean in appearance. PS3 Slim will hit the stores come Sept.1st of 2009.

Sony also announces a new firmware update on the PS3 which is v3.00 which has huge changes to the XMB (Xcross Media Bar). Changes such as the Information board getting a revamp to “What’s New” title which allows you to enjoy interactive Playstation news everytime you start your PS3 system. Other changes are the Status Indicator, Friends List, Playstation Store shortcuts, Personalization and Trophies.

Starcraft II NEWS

BlizzCon 09 was kind enough to present Blizzard enthusiasts with Cinematics and gameplay of their upcoming, much anticipated release of Starcraft II. The cinematic which you can view above showcased the old characters the Queen of Blades Kerrigan and the mighty, legendary dark templar Zeratul in a confrontation of what seems to be the relics of the old Xel’Naga Temple. From the cinematic itself, it would seem players will dive deep in the storyline this time around to uncover what is behind the closed doors which we hear Zeratul say “To save or To destroy.”

GuildWars 2! Time to make Legends come true.

NCSoft, a world reknowned game company is proud to present to the gamers worldwide the trailer of Guildwars 2. GuildWars 2 realm is set on the Awakening of a new threat known as the Dragons led by Zhaitan. Zhaitan raised the sunken nation of Orr (GuildWars Lore, the nation of Orr was buried deep in the ocean due to an incident). He then mustered his undead armies and now threatens the whole of Tyria. With the threat now pushing them to extinction, the five races: Charr ( Ferocious Feline Beasts of Fire ), Asura ( Magic inventors of great intellect and small size ), Norn (Shapeshifters of the North), Sylvari ( Race of visionary plant folk), and humans have now banded together, putting aside their long history of disputes in order to oppose and destroy the common enemy. As a GuildWars fan myself, i’ll be playing this along with another game of theirs which will come this 2010.

Tekken 6 on PSP

(Video 1: Tekken 6 on PSP. Video 2: Tekken 6 Console Trailer)
The incoming console release of Tekken 6 which is headed for the Xbox360, PS3 and PSP is taking the gaming industry like by storm. Visitors of the last GameCom which was held at Germany were given the chance to see the output of the PSP release as well as the new trailer that was shown within the said convention. While having Tekken 6 for the PSP is a great idea of NAMCO, the downside of it however is that the degrade of graphics itself. From the stage of the battles to the character rendering, Namco seems to have completely trashed the Tekken 5 DR graphics system and gave a slight of Tekken 4 effect on this one. The motion blurs are also removed seeing that the PSP does not have the capabilities to work the blur graphics that NAMCO gave their game. At the end of it all, Tekken 6 for psp has a 60 fps (frames per second) which is definitely nice given the capabilities of the PSP. Gamers will surely need to have this one on their pockets for combo check and other endeavors that they may encounter as they play in the arcades. Sample of the PSP version is on the video above.

Special News to all Tekken enthusiasts who have signed up at the most popular Tekken Forum in the net. Tekken Zaibatsu is now holding it’s 10th anniversary together with Play-Asia and up for grabs is a Tekken 6 game title. Winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) can get to choose from the Xbox360 version or the PS3. For more details visit the Tekken Zaibatsu forums by clicking this link.


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