Comiket 76 (C76) Cosplay


Here’s the cosplay edition for the recetnly concluded C76 (Comiket 76). Cosplayers also get their shot at fame during this event and here are some selected images that stood out among the rest.

Image above is a cosplayer who apparently was able to succeed in cosplaying Krillin. Definitely, “WE GOTTA POWAH!!!” (Row row fight the powah?)

Anyways, here is the best cosplay that i’ve seen from this list. A Touhou character, Sakuya Izayoi. Whoever took this image sure had the liberty to enhance it using the camera. Tempting pose!


The next image won 2nd place due to the exquisite posture when the shot was taken. You won’t be able to take such shot easily without a good reflex and trusty camera. If i’m not mistaken it’s a character from Tsubasa Chronicles right?


Tied on third place is Asuka of Evangelion and Hakurei Reimu from Touhou. Reimu seems to be attracting new believers with such outfit while the Asuka really knew how to carry the character itself.



As for the runner up on this C76, we have the Henshin masters known to us as the “Kamen Rider/s”. We start with one rider from the series “Kamen Rider Den-O”. (Seems this series is indeed popular in Japan)


Next is Shadow Moon from the Showa Era Kamen Rider series which has left the world at awe, Kamen Rider Black!(Seriously, i think this guy bought the whole set. Regardless of it all, it’s still awesome)


Last but not the least is the currently airing series, passing through time… Kamen Rider DECADE with his PSP 3000… I mean Final Form Device. ( If this was a handcrafted version then i bow down on this guy’s skills)


And now let’s end this post with more girls in cosplay! So far C76 is one hell of an event as it have broken the record of attendees once again. The further it goes, the larger the crowd it draws in.


Cosplayers, especially the female ones really know how to lure enthusiasts with their crafty costumes.


This one however is badass that it’s that aura that can lead the enthusiasts in and take a shot of her. A female cosplayer as Revy of Black Lagoon.


Images are courtesy of our friends in Moeyo and the good ‘ol folks at 2ch. Drop by at 2ch in the C76 threads to capture the other snapshots taken by them and for more cosplay images.


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