Summer Comiket 76(C76) Figure Coverage


C76 (Comiket 76) also has figurine items lined up in their stalls aside from the landslide amounts of doujinshi and cosplays. Here are some of the items that was made available to the public’s eyes and wallets.

Before that let’s have some Oshiri figure goodness featuring one of Tony Taka’s characters.


Next up are the two FIGMAs that really caught my attention in this event. FIGMA Vita of Nanoha series which will be available coming this November at the retail price of 3,200 JPY (Gotta love that huge hammer of hers.)


The other one is Mana of Se.Kirara which is sadly her release date and retail price is still unknown. The sculpt done unto her hair is really amazing. Would definitely get my hands on this one.


and here are some more FIGMA goodness along with Mana, Nanoha and Fate Movie version. Enthusiasts expect them to be available once the movie goes out.



Moving along, we have some Akashiya Moka & Cocoa figures from the series Rosario + Vampire. Bakemonogatari Nendos are on the works. Will aim for the Senjougahara Hitagi Nendoroid in that release line.



Lastly are the Stuffies that GoodSmile has sold to the attendees of the event. Some even sold out during the event.



This guy however seems to have managed to nabbed a huge shrine maiden, Hakurei Reimu (Touhou).


Some of the figures that were exhibited during the event are the ones that you saw in the Tokyo Figure Show and WonFest such as Canaan, Vocaloid and Shiki Nendoroids, FIGMA Shirou and Saber in casual clothes etc. C76 coverage is still not over here at Reflectia RX. I’ll be bringing the doujinshi Coverage once the event is complete.

More images by visiting Akiba Hobby.


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