On Creative Blogging

How should one do away with blogging entries to make it fruitful? Read up to know some bits about it.

So i know majority of users who are vastly using the internet in different forms will most likely own a blog or two. But what’s problematic on certain people is how to come up with a fresh idea or different approach of blogging. We always say that blogging shows a person’s individuality. But as we all know, not many have their own forms of blogging and rather they chose to just replicate the format used by some famous blogger. While it may not be a bad idea to do such. The problem in that is you never get to show how you are really capable of writing. When i first started to blog it was primarily to record all of craptastic events that happen daily and logged them on my first blogging area “LiveJournal” and later on moved to Multiply. The entries consist mostly of rants and unpleasant stuff. After awhile i stopped blogging those and took time to read my own entries. I slowly realize that such approach does not show how i really am. I mean the entries never showed what are my interest nor are they interesting to begin with.

With that i started to focus on my hobbies which are Anime related articles, Gaming and Music which you currently see in DannyChoo.com (USER ID: Lelouch Lamperouge) and on my blog Reflectia RX at wordpress (Sadly reflectia.890m.com which was running for 2 years now got shutdown when 000webhost’s server8 crashed and i was in the middle of backing up when it all happened). But before i restarted my blogging, i began to look for different blogs as to how they write their articles. Wording complexity plus how would they put their thoughts into writing. Given that i now have my own blogging style for Anime, Game Reviews and Music.

If you are still puzzled as to what i am trying to convey then let be put it in a bit of lower tune to you. What i am trying to get at is that you need to be creative to begin with. Gaining an audience in blogging isn’t because you showcase your rich and famous lifestyle by loading tons of images or using your celebrity popularity to boost your audience. It’s about the content itself and how will you put the reader’s attention to your article accompanied by the awesome images that you took. Some might get their content from other sources but you still need creativity on how will you deliver the news to your readers. You must be able to tell a story with your images. Convey your thoughts and express them in words.

An example of a well constructed blog entry can be seen in Kodomut’s Blog which you can find at kodomut.wordpress.com. Each entry of Kodomut is amazingly crafted especially some of the latest ones which not limited to Drossel outtakes and Nendoroids eating pizza. Creativity is shown in each picture and story telling keeps the reader focused and at the end of each article the reader will obtain something for the day.

As for reviewing items, you can take Actar’s instance for reviewing anime goods. You can check out his blog at actar.wordpress.com. His approach is something you might saw somewhere else but what makes it different is how he is conveying it to his viewers which makes his video entries interesting and make his audience await for the next one.

I hope this entry gives a little enlightenment on how one should create his or her own pace at blogging. I am not dictating on how you should blog but i’m just reminding you all that blogging means creativity. You may also take this as a grain of salt for it’s just an opinion of a fellow blogger.


3 thoughts on “On Creative Blogging

  1. “Gaining an audience in blogging isn’t because you showcase your rich and famous lifestyle by loading tons of images or using your celebrity popularity to boost your audience.”

    sounds like most users in deviantart…if you know what i mean. gah.
    wth, it’s hard to blame them..wait…actually blame emo music (READ=Sarcasm)

    Your article feels like a good hit in the head to me lol. 🙂

  2. Yo
    i’m one from dannychoo, fastly go here after read ya post there. hope can get along :3
    same with you, i’ve to start a new blog because some errors on the old ones. and fortunately i havent any backup of it >.<
    btw, I hope success for you!

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