Castlevania hits the big screens too!


From Halo getting an anime franchise to World of Warcraft getting Sam Raimi to direct the incoming movie. Castlevania fans are also rejoicing while some are not, has jumped on the movie bandwagon as the said game title also got a movie franchise.

Apparently, the notorious director James Wan, who was more known for his work title “SAW” movies is directing and working on a script for Castlevania movie which will be produced by Paul W.S. Anderson with Konami looking forward with much reluctance.

Given the blood visuals appearing in the SAW series. Castlevania might definitely get a good rating judging that the said game revolves in a good bloody vampire exterminating genre. James Wan will focus more on the goth and action filled environment of the title and improve it with his own touch. As for the characters, here is what James Wan has to say.

“For once, the human hero is as sexy and dangerous as the vampire villain,” he explains, “and his weapon of choice was what attracted me to the project in the first place — The Vampire Killer Whip.”


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